Healing through REIKI (Usui Shiki Ryoho Method)

This type of healing is offered by an attuned Reiki practitioner who has received numerous attunements by a Reiki Master during a number of Reiki Workshops they attend.  This process assists to open up the healing channel found in the practitioner’s hands, by allowing energy to flow from the universe/spirit via the practitioner's hands to a client’s body.   The practitioner’s hands act as a vessel that allows energy to be transferred from the universe to the client.  At no time is the practitioner using his/her own energy. 


the reiki process

I have been offering these healing sessions since 1999 for Reiki and 2003 for Spiritual Healing. 

The client lies on a massage bed with ONLY their shoes off, tight clothing loosened, and they will be covered with a blanket to keep them warm during the session. 

As soft music plays to help relax the client, I proceed with the session by placing my hands either above or on certain places of the body. 

I work from head to toe. 

Benefits of reiki

  • These healing sessions slowly bring about change to the client on a very subtle level.
  • A sense of wellbeing is felt during and after the sessions. The sessions are very relaxing and often the client falls asleep during the session.
  • Experiences felt by clients during and after a session are vast and differ from client to client: a sense of peace, clarity of thought, a sense of power, positivity & renewed energy can be experienced.
  • Pain & discomfit can be reduced.
  • Thoughts become more ordered and a renewed energy is felt.

Reiki Treatment

45-60 min | R420.00