Reiki Healing is Life Changing

Reiki is an ancient “hands on or hands off” universal energy healing modality that is gentle, subtle and life changing.  Reiki sessions bring peace and clarity to clients, amongst other wonderful benefits.  Reiki is a universal energy that can only be used for good.  Because it is such a subtle healing modality client often don’t notice the small important changes happening in their daily lives after receiving reiki treatments.  Positive changes occur on all levels – physical, mental and emotional.

For me reiki energy is so beautiful because it is life changing and can be done anywhere, on anyone, and there is no age limit (from new born to mature; Ill or dying; healthy; sports people; office workers; executives; busy moms……). Reiki healing can be received by whoever is willing and able to accept the reiki universal healing.  Healing takes place on site or via distant healing.  The practitioner is merely the conduit that allows universal healing to move through their hands from the universe to the recipient.  The energy used belongs to the universe, it is not the practitioner’s energy that is being channelled.

Healing generally takes place with a client laying on a massage bed and the therapist placing their hands either above, or on the client’s body as universal energy is channelled to the client.  The client’s body will only draw or accept as much healing as it requires.  There will never be an overload of healing received.

Reiki universal energy is a gift to all on this earth plane (Humans, Animals, Plants, ……) to use when and if we feel we need to re- energise or balance ourselves; it assists with healing of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues occurring in our lives.

Reiki healing works differently every time and obviously different people require a different number of sessions depending on what they are dealing with at that present moment.

A reiki session allows a person to relax, destress, and re-energise themselves.  It assists a person to slowly and clearly begin to look at their lives and bring about positive change where necessary.  Sometimes the change happens so slowly and quietly the person is unaware that any change has occurred until friends and colleagues start noticing and pointing out changes that have occurred in the way the person suddenly deals with: their life; challenging situations; their attitude towards life in general; changes to their demeanour; how calm, rational  and in charge they become when dealing with negative issues.

Overall a person begins to blossom and feel good about themselves because they are facing life’s issues head on and refusing to avoid difficult matters. (In the begging this is a little uncomfortable!) This change in the person shows in their faces in the way they carry themselves.  This new energy attracts people to them because they suddenly become warm, calm and approachable.

Ultimately that is what life is about; making changes for the better, helping ourselves to live and move with the times on our terms.  It slowly dawns on us that we are “in charge of our own lives”, we are willing and able to take responsibility for our own actions and own our space.

That is what I love about reiki.  It’s subtle and life changing.  All that is needed is to embrace the reiki healing sessions and allow them to gently work to calm the entire being gently and safely.

For many this is the start to allowing wonderful new and challenging opportunities to become part of who they are.  Some take it a step further by learning to become Reiki practitioners.  This is the part I enjoy so much.  A person starts out as a reiki client, then progresses to become a reiki practitioner and a whole new world is opened up to them.  They learn to heal themselves first, then the proceed to help others to heal themselves.  The more reiki healing is shared, the more balance is felt on the earth plane.

In Luv & Light – keep on Healing and Smile often