Healing through reflexology

Reflexology is an energy healing modality that involves the therapist using her fingers on a client’s feet by pressing points on the feet which reflect physical parts of the body and the organs. This process assists the client’s body to bring about a change in health and wellbeing by supporting and encouraging the immune system to operate at an optimum level, which then helps to improve the circulatory system. It is not a religion and is non-denominational. It is a gentle relaxing therapy.


the reflexology process

The client sits on a massage bed or easy chair (fully clothed) in an upright position with only their shoes and socks removed, and if required been covered with a blanket to keep warm during a treatment.

The treatment duration is between 45 min – 1 hour depending on different criteria found during a treatment.

The client is asked to sit back and relax. If a point on the foot is painful the client should let the therapist know.

Benefits of reflexology

  • Reflexology helps to relax the client by bringing about a slow and positive feeling of wellbeing and a return to health in a very gentle & natural manner.
  • Reflexology helps to alleviate many health disorders, relieves pain and helps to correct imbalances that cause lifelong disease.
  • It is a relaxing, gentle and powerful therapy.
  • Reflexology can be beneficial for all people in various states of health and illness.
  • Young & Old; Before & After Operations; Male & female, Before & After sports events to help relax the muscles……………

Reflexology Treatment

45-60 min | R420.00