Reflexology – An alternative holistic energy healing technique

What a client could expect during a reflexology treatment.

The person receiving a reflexology treatment will be asked to fill in a consultation form giving a medical history, what food and drink they generally consume daily, lifestyle, concerns at the moment.

They then remove their shoes and socks and relax on a massage bed that has the head area positioned slightly higher than the body. Their feet will be wiped clean. A thin blanket will cover the person to keep them comfortable. The client decides if they want to close their eyes, watch silently, or ask questions during the session. The session belongs to them and they decide if they want to talk or remain silent. Every area of the body is reflected on the feet.

The therapist will use his/her fingers to work the feet. It is not a foot massage. The practitioner uses her fingers to press into the areas of the foot with small circular movements. At no stage should there be any great discomfort during the treatment? The session should be relaxing and comfortable.
Reflexology is a very old technique worked on the foot (or if need be, the hand/ear/head) to bring about health and relaxation to the body and mind. As the body slowly heals so does the mind.

The practitioner uses her fingers to work on the foot to help stimulate the entire body system. The feet are worked both underneath and on top. Every part of the foot is worked on, in turn, to help bring about healing and balance to the body. As the practitioner works on the feet her fingers will feel areas that are sometimes tighter, sunken in, puffy, gritty ……..which guide her to release blockages in the system. By the end of the session, the client should be feeling relaxed and calm.

As the feet are worked on, the main intention is to improve circulation which assists the lymphatic system to work more efficiently to support the system to function better. Once circulation improves in the body, the body slowly begins to return to a state of balance and health. The effects of the treatment help to de-stress the body which in turn helps to balance the acid/alkaline levels in the body. High acid levels in the body cause disease.
Reflexology is such a beautiful non-invasive treatment which gently heals the body from the inside out. Reflexology assists people in all walks of life; it is beneficial at any age; is very useful for people who have stressful jobs and for those who lead very busy lives; it speeds up healing for people who have illnesses both short and long-term. It can simply be used to de-stress a person or to help bring about healing.

As a reflexology practitioner I like to empower my clients to understand why they are feeling unwell, how can they assist themselves to remain healthy and how to recognise when their health is declining. The main reason people become stressed and diseased is due to what they eat and drink.