Healing through Meditation

Meditation is practised to quiet the mind and experience a sense of awareness about oneself.  This will occur once the person can disconnect from their thoughts and allow the worries of the day to drop away.  This will in time and with practice bring them to a meditative state of mind where they will experience relaxation on a very deep and satisfying level.


the meditation process

The client sits in a comfortable upright position with their eyes closed, or with their eyes open concentrating on a particular object. 

They can either have soft music playing in the background or have complete silence.  

They then sit quietly concentrating on their breath, or they concentrate on the sound of music or concentrate on the chosen object to focus on. 

The practitioner will guide them through the process.

Benefits of meditation

  • School going children improve their marks dramatically by practicing meditation daily before school.
  • Meditation assists people to think more rationally, especially during stressfully times.
  • All age groups and people from all walks of life benefit.
meditation 2

meditation session

45 min | R420.00