Healing through Distant Healing

Distant Healing takes on many forms. Depending on the person requesting distant healing or the circumstance I am guided to choose one of the following methods of distant healing; Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Crystal healing or Theta healing.

Distance healing in essence is the ability of a healing practitioner to connect to the Universal Spiritual God energy. This life force energy constantly flows through and around us. Once the connection is achieved the practitioner requests that this “healing life force energy” is sent across time and space to be received by the said client’s energy body to assist them with their healing, happiness and general wellbeing. The healing effect can be felt by the client either physically, emotionally mentally and/or spiritually.

*Distant healing can be transmitted to humans, animals, plants, important meetings……...


the process

During a distant healing session, I sit quietly in my healing room (I could, in fact, sit quietly anywhere where I would not be disturbed) where I balance myself by taking in few deep slow deep breaths, I then go into a deep meditative state to connect to the “Source of All that Is.”  I then request that healing takes place for the client for their highest good.  At no time do I request exactly what must be healed or how healing must be carried out. I am merely a facilitator for the healing, my job is to request that healing takes place, God then takes over and healing takes place in the best interest of the client’s highest good; not always what the client wants or expects but for their highest good. 

During a distant healing session where a mutually agreed-on time is made, some people prefer to sit in a quiet place where they will not be disturbed.  They then allow themselves to relax and be open to receive the healing life force energy.  However, this is not absolutely necessary, its merely a choice.

The most important aspect of distant healing is for the client  to set the intention to receive the healing life force energy.

Benefits of Distance Healing

  • The client and the healing practitioner do not have to be physically present in the same location for the healing life force to be transmitted and received.
  • A set time and day can be arranged for the healing session to be performed, or the client may choose to continue with their daily tasks, either way the healing is beneficial.
  • The client does not have to inconvenience themselves by making an appointment where they physically have to travel to the practitioner’s office.
  • The client can move house to another province or country and still have the same healing practitioner do healing work on them.
  • A sense of peace, clarity of thought, a sense of power, positivity & renewed energy can be experienced
  • Pain and discomfort can be reduced.
  • Thoughts become more ordered and a renewed energy is felt.
  • Whether doing distant healing or a physical, hands- on healing the practitioner is working with the individual’s life force energy body to assist with healing to the clients physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual aspects of their being. The healing energy will still be received.

Distant Healing Sessions:

Process: A Distant Healing session consists of 3 sessions worked over 3 consecutive days. The day after the 3rd session, a short healing report will be emailed to the client, giving some feedback on the healing which took place over the 3 days.

Payment: Once the client has booked a Distant Healing Session: Payment must be received in my bank account before the healing session proceeds.

Price of Distant Healing Session: R420.