Distant Healing for All, Anywhere, Anytime.

Distance healing is a beautiful healing modality.  I enjoy doing distant healing sessions because I am able to help people I have never met; people who are unable to get to me for whatever reason; or add my energy to other practitioners in times of need or disaster.   Distant healing is a technique that transcends time and space.  Healing energy can be sent via thought, emotion and /or intent.  No place is too far or too near to send distant healing to.  The beauty of distance healing is that it can take place without the person being present at the session.

The practitioner will sit quietly somewhere and through mindful thought/meditation will be able to connect to their subconscious via the theta brain waves thus enabling them to connect to the Higher Self / the God-self.

It’s very important that the practitioner only does Distant healing on people who have requested a session for themselves, or their animals or family members (with of course the second party’s permission, if possible).  Of course, there are exceptions and the practitioner must use their integrity in these situations.

It’s very important to understand that the intent to do healing on anyone or anything or events, etc is always done with the highest good in mind.  At all times the practitioner must behave in a respectful and responsible manner when doing distant healing. The Distant healing technique is using pure universal energy, sourced from the Creator of All that is, and it cannot be used for any negative activity.  Group healing, disasters, individuals, people of all ages, plants, animals, the environment; all can benefit from receiving distant healing.

Healing energy travels through time and space and as long as the practitioner’s intent is to truly help and be of service, healing will be felt and received by the receiver.  Healing is often subtle and the receiver may not notice small changes taking place in themselves over a period of time after the distant healing session. This can make the receiver feel the healing was a failure because they did not get instant results.

It’s important to realize that healing takes place on different levels for different people, and in the time, it is meant to take to assist that person. Suddenly one day the recipient suddenly realizes (or a friend points out) that something inside of them has changed; they begin to feel better in themselves, they realise they are walking better, or sleeping better, or pain has subdued substantially and they managing their lives better …………….

At no time can a practitioner order a certain outcome for the healing session; in other words, they are unable to create an outcome based on their assumptions, desires or wants or needs.  Healing form the Creator is always carried out for the highest and purest good of that person at that particular time in their lives.

Distant healing or healing of any type is very beneficial when received by a Dying person.  The intent of the practitioner here is that they send unconditional love, light, and healing to the dying person and their soul. This assists the dying person to feel relaxed and at peace with their situation.  It enables the dying person to leave the earth plane at peace with themselves and all those around them.  It also assists the soul to have a smooth transition into the spirit world.

Distant healing has been used over the centuries and for some it’s the lifeline they never realised was available to them.

In Luv & Light