aura cleansing chakra balancing

This is a method of working with the bodies energy centres (chakras) to align the body.  The practitioner will use energy healing work to connect with the chakras and aligning them in such a way as to remove heavy, negative feelings and entities present in the person's physical body. The chakras support the functioning of the body, mind and emotions.

These sessions involve working with the invisible energy found around each and every one of us, known as our Aura.  Our chakra points (7 main chakra points) are also invisible healing points found on all beings on this earth plane.

The purpose of balancing the chakra points is to correct the uneven flow of energy through the body which will affect the client's health in a negative manner. By balancing the flow of energy the client is able to think more clearly and prevent ill health.  Our chakras are constantly changing as we deal with our daily lives of rushing and problem-solving.  Negative thinking causes the chakras to become unbalanced.


the chakra balancing process

The client will sit or preferably lay on the massage bed fully clothed. I will work above the client’s body feeling for changes in energy fields from one point to the next. 

As the client lies relaxing, I release old negative energies found and then I balance the chakras and smooth the aura.

People from all age groups will benefit.  People with emotional problems; people who are not feeling well; people with very busy lives; sports people. 

Our minds are relaxed after a session, which in turn relaxes the physical body.  The balancing of energies helps clients to release the worries of the day from their minds.

Benefits of chakra balancing

  • This energy work helps to bring about balance and stability on a physical and spiritual level which brings about emotional changes to help bring about positive emotional balance and understanding.
  • The sessions also help to clear unwanted entities and heavy energies which do not serve the client.
  • The client will feel more aware and will be able to prioritise important changes that are required to be dealt with.

chakra balancing Treatment

30 min | R310.00